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Paul Henderson's Signature

Do you have a collectible you would like the Canadian Hockey Legend 'Paul Henderson' to sign? Heritage Hockey™, a division of Ficel Marketing Corp. is the Exclusive Signing and Marketing Representatives for Mr. Henderson, and we can help you take your collectible to the next level.

Please review below, the 3 Product Tier's for Paul Henderson's signature:


Regular Item: Photos up to 8x10", cards, pucks, books, tickets, etc.

Medium Item: Photos up to 16x20", mini-helmets, programs, etc.

Premium Item: Jerseys, equipment, sticks, ect.



 Once you have determined which tier your item falls into, proceed to checkout to complete your order and download the Paul Henderson's Signature - Your Own Item form to the left (image).

Should you have any further questions or require assistance, contact us at

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