The Greatest Jersey Ever

Heritage Hockey™ Insider

There is a generation of Canadians who will never forget Paul Henderson’s series winning goal in the 1972 Summit Series. While Henderson’s goal, which was named the “goal of the century,” is unforgettable, there is a generation of hockey fans and Canadians who didn’t have a chance to experience or learn about this unique Canadian moment.

The goal of our project is to pass on the legacy of the great moment in Canadian sports history to a new generation. This children’s book is based on the true story of Paul Henderson and the Greatest Jersey Ever (Paul Henderson’s Team Canada ’72 Jersey) and the greatest moment in Canadian sports history (the game 8 series winning goal scored by Paul Henderson in the 1972 Summit Series). It will be titled, “The Greatest Jersey Ever” and it will introduce a new generation to this moment. This is an uplifting and inspiring story of pure heart and determination. It is a comeback story that is truly unbelievable. We are looking to create a timeless story, read by all ages while bringing generations together: parents and children, and grandparents and grandchildren. On September 18, 1972 a whole nation came together.

This is a grassroots project that will be self-published. Our goal is to keep the book 100% Canadian from start to finish. This includes everything—printing, writing, illustrations, and graphics—basically all aspects of the project. The book will be a classic story that can be read for generations to come. And it will be a permanent record of the greatest moment in Canadian sports history.

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