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The Sports Memorabilia & Collectibles Trading industry has become a multi-million dollar trading business centered around Sports Cards, Autographed Jersey’s, Equipment, Trophies, Photographs and more.

During the Covid outbreak period, people seemed to search their personal collections and the category seemed to grow significantly, and continues to increase to this day.  Many of us are not traditional Art Fans, rather enjoy Sports Collectibles. We at Heritage Hockey came up with “The Art of the Sport” as we see the true wonderment of Sports Collectibles.

Collectors Marketplace” will provide a forum that you can view, learn, communicate and purchase Sports collectibles.  As well as ascertain the value of your personal collection.

Our May Feature will be centered around the Boston Bruins Stanley Cup win in 1970. As we head into another Cup season, we are blessed with the opportunity to look back in history.

Heritage Hockey provides you with the opportunity to “Bring History Home” while “Collectors Marketplace” allows you to Buy, and even Sell some of your valuable pieces. Contact us to find out more. New Sports History is created every day, and continues to grow in value.




HH Insiders’ Monthly Nugget

A Wayne Gretzky Rookie Card (PSA 10) sold for $3.75 million approximately $5 million Canadian.


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